Troubleshooting Blackboard problems for instructors and admin


Blackboard End-of Semester Procedures

  • Making courses unavailable
  • Hiding/Organizing Courses
  • Downloading Grades, Grade History & Comments
  • Exporting/Archiving Courses (attached)
  • Copying Courses (attached)
  • Blackboard & Digital Learning Help

Q: How do I make Spring courses unavailable to students?
Ans: In previous semesters, closing courses at the end of the semester included a series of hard-to-remember steps. But no more! On your Blackboard dashboard, you will see a module called Quickly. This tool allows you to close courses with ease. Expand the Course Availability section and then select the courses you want to close by clicking the toggle switch from ON to OFF. Done! The course will remain available to you, the assigned instructor, but unavailable to students. See below to learn how to organize/hide courses/terms from the My Courses list.

Q: How do I hide old courses/terms from the MyCourses list?

Ans: Click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the MyCourses list. If you have not “Grouped by Term” already, Select this box. Then deselect the term(s) you no longer wish to display. You may also scroll down the page to deselect individual courses you no longer wish to display, while still keeping the term displayed. Click Submit to save changes. You may change these settings at any time by repeating the steps and selecting the courses you wish to display.

Q: How do I download my Gradebook?
Ans: As per the Faculty Handbook, instructors are required to keep a record of grades on file. While Blackboard courses are accessible after the semester has concluded, it is strongly recommended to download a personal copy of your Blackboard grade book. In the Full Grade Center, click on Work Offline and select Download from the dropdown list. Leave the settings as is, and select Submit. Click Download to save the file to your computer. The file will open as an Excel spreadsheet. To download Grade History and Comments, please see below.

Q: How do I download Grade History & Comments?
Ans: In the Full Grade Center, click on Reports and the select View Grade History. Change the Display range from 14 days to 6 months (to capture the entire semester). Select Download, to include Comments select YES, then click Submit. Open/Save downloaded Excel file. Note: Some editing may be required to remove HTML code in comment section. Use the “Find & Replace” option, copy and paste HTML code in the Find field, leaving the replace field blank. Then use Word Wrap to reduce cell width.

Q: How do I export/archive my course?
Ans: Under the Control Panel, click on Packages and Utilities, then select Export/Archive Course. Select Export to download and save all of the course content. Select Archive to download and save course content AND student submissions and grade center history. Note: Archiving courses significantly increases the file size. Export/Archive files may only be opened (restored) within Blackboard.


Q: How do I copy my course from old Bb to new Bb OR Spring 2017 to Summer 2017 on new Bb?
Ans: See attached documents for step by step instructions or refer to one of the HELP options listed below for assistance.

Course Copy Procedures document.
Old Blackboard to New Blackboard use Export_Import Instructions document
To request course material be copied from one instructor’s course to another instructor’s course, please submit a WorkOrder ticket.


  • Log in to Blackboard and click on the course you want to archive
  • Navigate to the Control Panel.
  • Click on Packages and Utilities
  • Select Export/Archive Course
  • Click on the Archive Course button.
  • Select Copy Options section: Very Important! Select the checkbox to include the Grade Center History (this is the only way to capture student coursework and grades)
  • In the File Attachments section: Select “Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory”. This is the default selection. (The Manage Package Contents button will appear.)
  • Click on the Manage Package Contents button.
  • Click EVERY checkbox folder with “Imported Content” or “Blackboard Orientation” in the name (This step is necessary in order to remove nested folders). Click Submit to return back to the Archive process.
  • All content and user interactions will be captured in the archive process, therefore, you do not need to individually select items to copy.
  • Click Submit to initiate process. A green status bar will appear at the top of your screen. You will receive an email when the process has completed and you can proceed with the next steps.
  • Return to the course and navigate back to Control Panel, Packages and Utilities, Export/Archive Course (as in steps 2-4).
  • The archived zip file should display on the screen. Click Refresh if it is not displayed.
  • Click on the Export file name and select “Save As” or “Save Target As”.
    Save the file to your computer or external device. Make sure to note where the file is saved.
  • The file can only be restored to its original state within Blackboard by a Blackboard Administrator. Do not use an archived course to copy content into a new course.