How to troubleshoot Blackboard problems. FAQs


How do I copy Course Content?

1.    Go to the Control Panel in the originating Blackboard course (course site with content).
2.    Expand Packages and Utilities and click Course Copy.
3.    For Copy Type choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
4.    Click Browse next to “Destination Course ID“.
5.    A Courses window will pop-up. Click the radio option button next to the course you want to copy content into and click the Submit button.
6.    In the Course Materials section select the content you would like to copy by checking the appropriate boxes*.
7.    IMPORTANT: Under the Enrollments section DON’T check the box next to “Include Enrollments in the Copy.”
8.    Click the Submit button.
9.    You should see a message that the process has been queued and that an email will be sent when it is complete

  • NOTE: If you are copying tests, quizzes or surveys you will need to check off the box next to “Tests, Surveys, and Pools.” Choosing the content area where the tests are deployed will not copy the tests.
  • Assignments (that were created using the “Assignment” tool) need to be copied by choosing the content area they are deployed in and checking the box next to “Grade Center Columns and Settings.”

Faculty – WebEQ & MathML Equation Editors

IMPORTANT: You will need Java installed to create/view equations. For more information on checking if your machine has Java installed. If you don’t have Java installed, this site will prompt you to download it.

The WebEQ and MathML Equation Editors provide a means of adding scientific and mathematical notation to content items, assignments, tests, quizzes and surveys.

The WebEQ Equation Editor is a Java-based graphical interface whereby scientific and mathematical symbols are selected via graphical buttons.

The MathML Equation Editor allows the input of MathML, a markup language designed to represent mathematical/scientific equations, which can be displayed on screen or read by a screen reader. Equations can be created and edited in either editor.

Making Blackboard courses available

Once an instructor is ready to share a Blackboard course site with his/her students, the user must turn on “Course Availability“.
Have the instructor:
1. Under Control Panel (left column of course home page) expand Customization.
2. Click the Properties option.
3. Click the “Yes” radio option next to “Make Course Available” and click the Submit button.

Merging multiple course sections

IMPORTANT: Please note that sections merged into one Blackboard course site will have one gradebook, discussion board, etc. for all enrolled students. Any content that has been added to a Blackboard course site by the instructor or students prior to a merge request may not be available after the merge and cannot be recombined into the merged course site. A merge request should only be requested for courses occurring within the same semester.

Refer the instructor to the Merge Multiple Sections Request Form:

Quiz Question Reads “Normal 0 false false false”

This problem occurs when content is copied from Microsoft Word and pasted into the Blackboard text box editor.

Fortunately the question should display normally for students, however it can be a nuisance for the instructor when working in the Control Panel.

To fix the problem:

  • Retype the question (with the Text Editor off) or copy and paste the question text into Notepad and then paste the content into the Text Editor (with the Text Editor off). This will remove the extra code.

Note: If text is typed in the box directly in the first place or copy/pasted from Notepad you can have the Text Editor set to on. It only needs to be off when you are doing cleanup.

Removing Courses From My Courses Module

Click the Edit My Courses Module icon  in the right hand corner of the “My Courses” module. Uncheck the boxes under the “Display Course” column next to each course that you would like to not display and click the Submit button.

Student Access Keys For Courses

Students typically purchase an access key in the bookstore, either bundled with or available separately from the textbook or other materials for the course or organization. Students are prompted to enter a Student Access Code or Student Access Key the first time they encounter publisher content within a course or organization.  This is a one-time entry. After the key is entered, students will not need the key again and will be able to access the publisher content from any PC/Mac in the same way they access other content areas within a course or organization. Generally, each key may be used only once, so each student must
have his or her own Student Access Code.

How to Use Student Keys –

Student Submissions are Difficult to Read

An instructor has downloaded a group of student assignments, but the student submission is difficult to read. “Gibberish” code can appear when students copy text directly into the assignment submission field from programs such as Microsoft Office. Blackboard is aware of the issue and working on a solution.

The following are a few suggested workarounds:

  • View the student submission directly through the Grade Center (as opposed to downloading).
  • Have the students submit the assignment in a text file or MS Word document instead of pasting directly into the submission text box.
  • Have students turn off the Visual Text Box Editor in their user settings before submitting the assignment if they must use the text box itself to submit the assignment

Firefox issue with Blackboard after update 39

Firefox recently released update 39 which is causing the following error when trying to access Blackboard. I’m looking for a way to fix this, but in the meantime please advise students and faculty to use a different web browser.

Error : Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in Server Key Exchange handshake message. (Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key)