How to in blackboard for instructors and student.

How to upload profile picture in blackboard:

  •     Log in to the blackboard account.
  •     Locate the global navigation menu on the upper right hand corner and click on your name.
  •     In global navigation menu select “Settings” at the bottom.
  •     Select the “personal information” link.
  •     Select “Personalize my settings” on next page.
  •     Select “Use custom avatar image” radio button and click on “Browse my computer” to select the image after locating the image.

How to create WIKI home page for courses:

  • Navigate to your course Home Page.
  • From the Course Menu click Tools, and then click Wikis on the adjacent page.
  • Select the desired Wiki.
  • Click Create Wiki Page.
  • Provide a name and enter content in the text editor.
  • Click Submit to finish your work.

BlackBoard – How To Create & Access Blog Entry


A blog is your personal online journal. Each blog entry you make can include any combination of text, images, links, multimedia, mashups, and attachments. Blogs are an effective means of sharing knowledge and materials created and collected by the group in the course. You can post entries and add comments to existing blogs. Use your blog to express your ideas and share them with the class.

As the owner of a blog, you can create multiple entries over a period of time. Your instructor and classmates can add comments. A course or a group can also own a blog. In the group area, all members of a group can create entries for the same blog, building upon one another. Any course member can read and comment on a group blog, but cannot make entries if they are not a member of the group. Your instructor can also offer comments and grade individual and group entries.

How To Remove Users From A Course

Removing users from your course is final and irreversible.

All of the information associated with the users, such as Grade Center information, assessment and assignment information, and course statistics are also deleted. Discussion board posts, received messages, and email messages are not deleted. Deleted users and their corresponding information cannot be restored to your course. However, you can re-enroll a deleted user into your course without any associated data.

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Users and Groups section and click Users.
  2. On the Users page, select the check boxes next to the users you want to remove from your course.
  3. Click Remove Users From Course.
  4. A pop-up window warns you that the action is final. Click OK to delete the user.

Alternatively, you can delete users one at a time:

1.    On the Users page, access a user’s contextual menu and click Remove Users From Course.
2.    A pop-up window warns you that the action is final. Click OK to delete the user.

Making Blackboard Courses Available

Once an instructor is ready to share a Blackboard course site with his/her students, the user must turn on “Course Availability“.
Have the instructor:
1. Under Control Panel (left column of course home page) expand Customization.
2. Click the Properties option.
3. Click the “Yes” radio option next to “Make Course Available” and click the Submit button.

How To Grade With User Names Hidden From The Grade Center

How to Grade With User Names Hidden From the Grade Center

You can grade items in the Grade Center without viewing user information. The students appear in a random order without identifying information. Anonymous grading is helpful to reduce bias when grading.

Access a column header’s contextual menu and click Grade with User Names Hidden. Hide User Names is enabled appears on the action bar. Provide grades.

Click Save and Exit to return to the main Grade Center page.


Click Save and Next to show the next student.


Click the arrows on the action bar to navigate to the next or previous student.

How To Enter Grades From The Grade Center

You can assign grades in any cell in the Grade Center or from the Grade Details page. When you type directly in a Grade Center cell, the grade may be an override grade. To learn about what qualifies as an override grade, see Override Grades.

If you are unable to type a grade in a cell, check if delegated grading is assigned to this grading task. A reconciliation icon will appear in each cell.

Click within a cell and type the value.

Press the Enter key. If you do not press the Enter key and you attempt to leave the entry cell or Grade Center, a dialog box asks if you want to save the grade entry.

Click OK to save the grade.