10 German words that can never be found In English.



An unrealistic dream .Literally an air castle.

This on word describes the aspirations of germans and the reality which every one has to go through.It perfectly describes normal man’s situation


Mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state.Despair caused by the state of the world.

This shows germans attitude towards the world and how the ongoing things affect them deepely.



Pure Animal rage

Real wild and animal nature has been best described this word .


A Face that deserves to be punched.

HOw often we would have wished to have such a word in English as people all around are full of this.


Weight gained via emotional over-eating

This is a word which describes a complete emotional  overhaul


The perfect mixture of cosy,safe ,warm and comfortable


Beyond Human or the superman.

This world has implications of beyond human phenomenon popularized by fredreich neitszhe.


The act of playing out an entire scenario in your mind.

Literally,head cinema

This is the word we need all the time ..all these plans and things that goes in the head is perfectly depicted by this lone word.


An intense yearning for something far -off and indefianble.

That feeling which cant be described in words in english has a perfect substitute in german.


Erklarungsnot refers to the exact moment you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar and forced to explain yourself with only a split second to think. Unless you’re a good liar, the results of erklarungsnot are usually unbelievable and silly,